Stephen Colbert Has A History of Hate & Racism

The CBS Late Show host, Stephen Colbert, has once again stepped into some hot water. Comments he made about President Trump last night outraged users on social media. During his opening monologue Colbert stated, “The only thing [Trump’s] mouth is good for is being Putin’s C*** holster.” {Video Below}

Immediate outrage on twitter followed.

This comes after Colbert was in hot water 3 years ago before going to CBS. He did a skit that made fun of Asians with voices and motions that many found disrespectful toward their community. This shows a pattern of behavior and a culture of corruptions that just cannot be tolerated in today’s hyper mediated world.

Calls are under way to boycott Colbert’s sponsors, which are AT&T, Bank of America, Audi, Volvo, & University of Phoenix.


Update to follow.

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