Hospitals in England & 73 Other Countries Under Cyber Attack

While our lawmakers have have plenty of time to prepare for a cyber attack one is actually taking place in real time. Our lawmakers in the senate and congress are quick to blame the historic victory President Trump had on cyber attacks, meanwhile nothing is being done to strengthen internet and cyber security on a national level. Unthinkable cyber attacks are happening as I write this article in hospitals in England. Doctors are unable to retrieve vital patient files and computers are unable to regulate their vital functions to keep our most vulnerable alive.

More than 74 countries have been hit by a massive coordinated cyber attack. At this point the major countries and regions reporting attacks are Europe, India, China, and most notably banks in Russia.

“Shadow Brokers” is a hacker group taking credit for the attack. They also claim they have stolen weaponized code from the United States NSA and had warned against this attacks weeks ago.

Instead of bickering over Fake news articles and how many scoops of ice cream our President wants, out nations law makers must figure out a solution so that not only our vital infrastructure is safe, but our elections also.

This morning as Doctors across London loaded their screen this is what they saw:

A screen demanding a payment of $300.00 worth of bitcoin to unlock their files. Humanity knows know low.

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