CNN Ignores Biggest Story of the Year. Free Speech Lives in Berkeley.

Today Donald Trump had a huge victory. This victory is because all week Ann Coulter was going through controversy about giving a speech on the Berkeley Campus. After much back and forth the conclusion was that Ann must cancel her speech over threats of violence from a cowardice Nazi group known as ANTIFA.

Trump supporters were not intimidated. Three high profile twitter users, @BakedAlaska, @Gavin_McInnes, and @Lauren_Southern claimed the speeches must go on. As soon as Ann cancelled her speech these 3 patriots announced on twitter that they were going to speak anyway.

Things could not have gotten worse for the ANTIFA cowards. They didn’t even show, they were intimidated, and they realized that it would have been a moot point for them to show up. Instead this turned into the biggest Free Speech rally of the year, possibly the decade.

It was all ignored by the mainstream media. Instead of showing how free speech prevailed over Nazi Fascist threats, they instead wasted their valuable air time bashing President Trump over his most recent tax plan.

If there was any point to be proven today it was that Trump still commands tremendous support and that no one cares about the failing main stream media any longer.

when asked, @DeeconX stated, “The new frontier is online, the new battle ground is social media. Everything can be broadcast in real time now, and the days of the fake news media controlling the narrative are over. We now all just watch live and decide what is true for ourselves. We no longer need pawns of the democratic party to tell us what our opinions should be.”

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